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(Archived) Can support reset my cycle to match the first day of the month? (Farther in time, of course!)

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Hey there,

I'd like to have my cycle counting from the first day of every month, but sadly, I haven't registered my account on that day. Currently I have 20 something days left, so I wonder if support would be able to reset my cycle to, let's say, reset on December 1.

If this is not possible, I also read that by going premium, the cycle will recalculate to that day. Is that so? If it's, then when (and if) I go premium, I could also make it match the first day of the month.

Thanks, please let me know.

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I think you need to go to help, support, technical support, and open a ticket for this. But, if you go Premium, on that day, you get the higher upload limit, so it seems to me that it would have to take that day as when your cutoff day is. I think that is your best bet. By the way, I think the cycle is 30 days, and there is less than 12 30 day periods in a year, so your reset date will reduce over time by 5 days per year, if my calculations are correct.

Just hit the usage button on top right of windows screen, or otherwise, and don't wast your time, unless you go Premium, then time it based on above.

Good Luck!

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I meant to say that there are just OVER 12 30 day periods.

But, guess what - I see some places where it says MONTHLY, and others 30 days. And I do think Premium is monthly, but I'm not sure if free is just 30 days. Oh, well. Use google, or open a ticket to support. But if I were you, I signed up for Premium paid yearly in case they grandfather us in a price increase in the future, and for all the other benefits. It has happened on other services.

Uh, it says my renewal is on the same date in 2013 that it renewed on in 2012, so that is how premium yearly works. I'm on the 30th, because that month that I went Premiumn in, only had 30 days, and I didn't want to wait a month, but you can do it on the the 31st, and that is when it will renew every year. I wanted the history feature, and was scared they would change the limits or raise the price, so I went ahead.

You might be better to do it on the 1st, though, in case you go monthly, etc. Halloween Premium. Whatever.

Anyway, thanks for the thanks!

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Other services of various types did not pass on the increase to existing customers. I believe the fairly recent T-Mobile increase is not passed to previous plan owners, and I missed $5 per month from now on. Heard of Verizon unlimited data that is only available to grandfathered (prior existing) plans? I have 2 maxemail plans that are only $14.95 per year, and I think they charge much more now,

and I think I still have unlimited messaging. IDrive has changed to a new platform that has a lot of status and report details missing that they won't fix on the new one - I'm on the old platform at least for now. Just a few of many examples. Don't know what EN will do, but I have kicked myself for not taking the special, or introductory price in the past.

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I myself paid $45 per year just over a year ago. It renewed at the same price in 2012. Looks like it is still $45 per year now. As I thought I said, I don't know if EN will even do any of those possibilities, but they are things to consider. You might make more money by waiting, even if it does get more expensive later. It could also decrease.

I also wanted to have the history, support, ssl (now used without premium, also?), possibility for big uploads, and other features without wondering if I was going to run into the non-premium limitations.

Google Evernote Premium and look at premium differences.

You do know they have group and school discounts.

Anybody else pay less than $45 per year, and when/how did you sign up? Thanks!

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