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Dolphin Browser iOS Web Clipping Feedback Request

Ryan Krems

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We here at Dolphin Browser have worked in the past to bring Evernote Web Clipping to the mobile web thru our Add-ons to our Android Browser (Google Play LInk).

We are now working towards integrating Evernote Web Clipping into our iOS version of Dolphin Browser, and would like to ask the Evernote Community if there are any specific features you would like to see integrated into our solution.

Any and all feedback is welcome.


Ryan Krems

Dolphin Browser

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IMHO the closer you can get to the Desktop version of WebClipper the better :)


Obvious features I'd like to see are:

Save the whole webpage and retain the original formatting/style as much as possible.

Save only the URL

Clip only the article from a webpage.

Clip some specific selection on a webpage.

Some additional stuff:

Either an option to clip a screenshot of a webpage or an ability to add images from camera roll to whatever you're currently clipping.This would be useful when you want to clip a webpage with some embedded videos, youtube video (and save a thumbnail of the video, instead of just the URL), or just some webpage with some complex formatting that you want to retain, etc.

Also, unrelated to WebClipper, but one problem I have with Dolphin browser on iPad is that most bookmarklets don't work, for example I can't use Instapaper Text bookmarklet; I can't use Google Search Site bookmarklet, etc. They are useful in some cases.

Other than that I'm looking forward for the Evernote WebClipper integration. You're doing some great work :)

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I just looked at the link for your Android version and I like the set-up you have going on there. I'd like to see all the functionality of the desktop version (auto-guess or auto-fill for the notebook and the tags isn't necessary) but not necessarily the layout. I've just had too many times where the desktop version doesn't resize correctly or confuses which (and sometimes "if") text field should be active to want to deal with the desktop version. I realize some of that is mobile sites not playing nicely with a desktop layout, all while trying to do it on the screen of an iPhone, but if it can be avoided, I think that would be best.

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Hope you Dolphin folks are still tracking this thread. On my iPad3 (latest iOS & Dolphin versions) the link to Evernote does not work. Every time I try I get Dolphin's message that it can't find my EV Notebooks or Tags.

I wind up using email to EV, instead.

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