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(Archived) Editing on Android after Update


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What happened to the editing feature on evernote android? After what appears to be an update, they have taken an already small editing window and made it even smaller by cutting it in half! not to mention formatting like "check boxes" appear to be unsupported. Not sure who's idea it was to make it impossible to edit notes on a small screen (and I have an s3!) but make it stop! undo this update please!!!

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I agree with the first post.

I am a regular evernote android user and updated it to the latest version yesterday.

I HATE the new persistent menu on top in the Edit Note screen.

Are you guys at Evernote aware how tiny it makes the editing screen?

Guess what, you CANNOT see what you're typing if you have predictive text on and are in the landscape mode! What were you guys thinking?!

And am using a Samsung Galaxy S which has a decently large screen for smartphones. I cannot imagine what smaller resolutions will be facing.

I am surprised there aren't more people talking about this.

PLEASE fix this!

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I think you mean xdelplanque...??? I didn't see any post from dlu in that thread...???

Yes, sorry -- thinko on my part. Apologies to both xdelplanque and dlu. And thanks for the correction.

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