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(Archived) Option to not show creation date?



Is there a way to have a given note (or notebook of notes) not show creation date info in the notebook index view?

There are notebooks where I don't ever need to see this info, but it takes up an awful lot of screen real estate (along with name and tags).


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Ok, let me rephrase that: may I suggest that, in a future version, Evernote allows us to hide creation date info in notebook index view?

Only because it takes up a good amount of room in the index, and is not always useful info.

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Just thought I'd provide a glaring example. I'm a food writer, and have been recommending Evernote to users for storing scans of frequently referred to takeout menus. It really works quite well. See this article, with demo pictures: http://jimleff.blogspot.com/2012/08/evernote-for-takeout-menus.html

But folks keep asking me why each menu in index view is conspicuously marked "SATURDAY". Well....that's the day I scanned 'em in. And you can't change the display. So it's, like, "Bob's Pizza SATURDAY".

It'd be great (and handy) if it could be, like, "Bob's Pizza (Brooklyn)", but, hey, space is at a premium...cuz we've just gotta fit that "SATURDAY", irrelevant and confusing though it is!

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