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(Archived) EV for Texting to Evernote

Gary K.

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I would love to use the new product EV to text my info to Evernote, but have not a clue on how to use it with an iphone. Not much into texting so all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance-

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EV is super-simple to use.

First, go to http://www.txtev.com/ and register your phone number to your Evernote account.

After that, just use EV with the commands below, via text:


  • [some text]

Creates a new note with some text as the content. Retrieves nothing.

  • search [some text]

Searches for notes containing some text. Retrieves the note to the user via SMS.

  • reminder [some date and time]

This will create a new reminder, which will send you an SMS in the date and time described.

  • last

Retrieves the last created note.

  • help

Retrieves a list of usage instructions with examples.

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I understood that I could place a reminder directly into an Evernote, Note, i.e. Reminder 10102012225 and it would send a txt reminder to my phone on Oct 10, 2012 at 225pm with a reminder for the Note I created. So is mmddyyyytime the correct format? Are there any spaces required, etc?


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txtev.com is owned by some guy in Brazil with a gmail contact.

So, is he getting all the info you send via text?

What security/privacy concerns are there here? Can he access your Evernote account?

I didn't think Evernote had reminders? Is his system doing that?

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txtev.com was not able to recognize my phone number. This was after authorizing the app to access my EN account. 


Based on that, plus not seeing any way to contact the service for support (or other matter), not seeing any way to log out of the web interface, and noting that the web interface is not secure, I quickly removed the authorization and changed my EN password.


My concerns may be unfounded, but I would caution users to beware.


That said, is anyone using the txtev.com service? Can anyone address my individual concerns?



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