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(Archived) Evernote for Android 4.3 available on Google Play


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Hi All,

I am pleased to announce that the new update of Evernote for Android version 4.3 and the new Widget App 2.0.5 are now available on Google Play.

New in this release:


- New Evernote Grid Widget: tap and hold to resize to fit any screen size


- Simplified note editor toolbar

- Premium feature: Multi-select notebooks to download for offline access

- Jump directly to notes created in Skitch

- Android tablets: Redesigned action bar changes based on context

Please post here any problem you may have with this update and feedback about the new features.

Thank you.








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I stress again that putting the indent under the list function is not practical. I am sure many people want to indent text without being forced to have it formatted as a bullet or numbered list. Also this structure is not consistent with, at least, how the windows version works, which can be confusing.

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Hey there,

Grid widget not resizing at least on my Galaxy S2 (Ice Cream). The other thing I would request in the widget, is the ability to add an icon so you can launch Evernote. That way you don't have to have another Evernote icon outside the grid.

Thank you,


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It strikes me that the new editing feature is unnecessarily complicated and hardly "simplified". Why create yet another window that edits one line at a time, when we already have a perfectly good way to select where you want to insert edits: the cursor! Its already hard enough to keep on your screen the context of the entire note when editing because of the keyboard that pops up and covers half the screen. this new window makes this problem even worse. This new feature also makes it unnecessarily complicated to edit lists such as grocery lists as you have to click several times just to move around. Finally, the editor also does not seem to support the "check box". why? You guys have a great product here. please don't overthink it and try to do too much. you are killing what should be a simple tool.

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@pchu17, We haven't changed this process. You are probably trying to edit a note with some "unsupported" formatting bringing a limited "web editor". That's what happened already before.

@parf, since the save and continue is an advanced feature and is mainly useful only when editing a long note, we decided to move if to the more (...) menu (see "save and continue").

We will have a look at this other issues.

Thanks for the feedback.

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@xdelplanque thanks very much for the prompt reply! You are absolutely correct. this note I am having problems with is marked as having unsupported formatting. Oddly, this note is a short simple text only note, but a cut & paste as plain text solved my problem. Chalk this one up to user-error. thank you!

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Can anyone out there help me? I have Evernote 4.3.5 on my tablet. I hate the grid display. I use a notebook to keep track of my recipes and do not want to see dates. This is pointless for my recipes. How do you make changes to these display issues?

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