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(Archived) Feature Request: Make text paragraphs into ToDos



Searching the forum, it doesn't look like anyone's mentioned this yet… I hope. Anyway, my biggest wish for evernote is to have the option of making multiple text paragraphs into a series of ToDos, without having to manually place the cursor at the beginning of each line and hit Shift-Cmd-T. I often paste long lists of things I need to check (read: hundreds of items) into Evernote, and having a simple way to make them all into ToDos would make my day.

Lacking that, is there any Find/Replace functionality planned that would allow me to insert some kind of symbol at the start of each line, then replace the symbol with a ToDo?

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Currently, clicking the "Insert ToDo" button will replace the currently selected text. I can see how it would be quite a bit more useful if it instead put a ToDo checkbox at the begining of each line of selected text.

I'll file an "feature request" in our bug tracking system for this, but I can't make any promises about how quickly it will be implemented.

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definitely agree it here. I like to enter a long list of to do items, then highlight them and have them all formatted with the checkbox at the front of each line. BTW this is the behavior in OneNote. This would be a huge advantage for list junkies like me that have long lists to juggle.

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