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New note opens by pressing Alt+N on default settings

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can any one else confirm that on default settings not only "Ctrl+Alt+N" opens a new note, but also "Alt+N" does? It is a bit of a problem as "Alt+N" is needed to type "ń" when the language is set to Polish. As long as Evernote is running, I have new notes popping up every time I try to type "ń" in any application. This can of course be changed in options, but as they say, you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression.

No such problem on my mac.

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Same problem here, thou simple question: is it possible to change this default behaviour (alt+n to make a new note in outlook), by i.e. edit the keyboard shortcuts? Anyhow? I've been looking for it everywhere, any guidance warmly welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi.  No special knowledge here - I use Outlook but haven't had an alt-N problem,  with or without Evernote being active.  If Google (or your SOC) can't give you an answer it's probably not possible to configure either Outlook or Evernote to use a different combination.  I'd suggest you raise a support ticket on this to ring Evernote's bell - you may be able to get some suggestions via tech support!

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Ok. The problem here is that "right alt" used for diacritics is really emmiting ctrl+alt. This is a legacy behaviour going back all the weay to Windows 95. Evernote developers do not know that aparently and decided to assign ctrl+alt+n to one of more popular diacritics. But honestly they are not the only ones. Google Docs has same problem, and many many others do.


Just change the key bindings, or go back in time and kick anyone who thought it's a grand idea to make "alt gr" emit "ctrl+alt"


For reference: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/AltGr_key

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