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(Archived) Dragging files to EV icon in dock not working

Norm C


Until about a week ago, I was able to drag files onto the EV icon in my dock and a note would be created. This suddenly stopped working BUT it does work if EV is closed (I have EV pinned to the dock).

I also have a folder that my scanner dumps news scans into and a program called Hazel (great program, check it out if you haven't already) would open them in EV and trash the originals. This too stopped working at the same time and only works if EV is closed.

Any thoughts out there?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Same here. Problem is most noticeable when launching Evernote by dragging a file Evernote's dock icon.

Unlike prior versions, that reliably launched Evernote and displayed the attached file in the newly created note, Evernote Version 5.0.4 (400702) doesn't do it.

Usually an "Unamed File Attachment" image appears. See first screen shot.

Sometimes the attachment eventually appears in the note a few minutes afterward.

More often, the "Unamed File Attachment" image and the attachment disappears altogether. See second screen shot.

Dragging files to a note that's already open seems to still work OK. See third screen shot.




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