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(Archived) Evernote as a digital pencil sketchbook

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I started using evernote as a pencil sketch digital notebook. I am posting just 2 pages from the notebook as a sample of what can be done, not as great examples. I use Corel Painter and Photoshop daily. Sure EN is not as powerful as those but as a digital sketchbook it could be a brilliant tool.

Here are minuses and plusses of EN as digital sketchbook.

- I really like how EN handles wacom tablet and pencil thicknesses. Very nice interpolation fo strokes and thicknesses

- I love that I do not need to worry about saving images. I can just sketch and tag.

- Image export is very bad and needs improvement. As an artist I should not be worrying about how to get this image out of EN. I really hate the current image export via Html (which is the only option) This should be as simple as(ASAP)

+ Copying selected inknote to clipboard as image

+ Selecting and exporting inknotes as images

+ Converting inknotes to images inside EN(via right click)

-We need more color selection. I actually like the rudimentary palette but it would be nice if the user can expand the palette. I understand the reason why you might want to keep the palette limited(optimization>)

-Image support inside inknotes, like pasting images or importing inknote backgrounds.(MUST HAVE)

-Everytool should remember their brush size. Right now there is only one global brush size which makes it hard to go back and forth (MUST HAVE)




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I really like EN but missing certain features(the ones I outlined and more) I hope that they take these issues seriously. As I mentioned in another topic I would be very interested in more advance version of EN that is geared toward digital arts and artists.


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