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(Archived) Griffin Clarifi Experiences?

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I did a search that came up with a few brief mentions of the the Griffin Clarifi http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/clarifi iPhone case. I was hoping to see if anyone has had good or bad experiences using the case's lens adapter for EN capture on the iPhone.

I'm specifically thinking of receipts, bar codes, and text. I've tried a few DIY lenses on top of my case, but they only seem to work in extreme distance (about 1" away from source). I'm hoping the Clarifi has more of a middle ground, sharpening the focus of text in the 6" range so that EN's OCR engine can read it.

Has anyone used the Clarifi case for this purpose?


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We bought a few of these, and they really make a huge difference if you're taking a picture of something from less than a foot or so. For something like a business card, the quality is just night and day.

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