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(Archived) Writing productivity - goal setting

Stephane Monsallier

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I am looking for something quite simple: how many words did I wrote in Evernote today, yesterday, last week?

I want to set myself a goal to produce 20k per week, and it sounds like Evernote could achieve that easily.

Is there an extension that does that?

I am new to Evernote and I have a hard time finding extensions/plugins.

If such an extension exist, I would be happy to help improve it.

If it does not exist, and other users look for the same feature, I am ready to invest in the Evernote API to develop the extension myself.

Nice to have: I would like to define special tags (proof reading 1, proof reading 2) to define the maturity of text. That could lead to different goals, such as bring 2 blog posts, 3k long, to pf2 level.

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For extensions / apps go the EN Trunk (Evernote.com) and there are many to choose from, mostly for mobile devices. I don't think there is one that does what you are aiming at though. ENs main foucs is collecting/organizing/finding information fast. Wordprocessing capabilities is not the focus.

Also visit the DEVELOPER forum here.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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