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(Archived) Annoying web clipper pop-up page every time I log into Chrome


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Can anyone tell me how to disable the product page for the Evernote Web Clipper extension in Chrome? Every time I log into my Chrome account from different computers it hangs for a moment while both the Web Clipper AND the Evernote Clearly chrome extensions load two additional tabs with info about those two extensions. It's pretty frustrating when I'm logging into a slower computer.

Thanks for any advice.

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Seems like your cookies are cleared everytime you restart your browser. We set a cookie when we display those pages and then never show them again.

The problem is that while I'm working I have to use 5+ different workstations throughout the day. Each time I log into Chrome I get a pop-up for Web Clipper and for Evernote Clearly. Then I have to delete my Chrome log-in (resetting all the cookies). Next time I log into that computer (sometimes multiple times in a day) I get the same problem. Is there no work around? I'd hate to have to uninstall the Web Clipper and Clearly web apps. They're awesome!


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I'd like to chime in. I rarely clean my cookies, but I do find that this popup comes up quite often, and I also use 3 different workstations (home/work/laptop). I know it's small, but it adds unpleasant friction to clicking that button...

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