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Print note title as a heading

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I recently switched to a Mac and now when I print notes, I just get the text in the note. At one time you could print the title of the note as a heading. I guess I'd have to look at Windows again to see if something changed or if this is the way it works on a Mac. I think you should be able to configure what is in the heading. Most of the time I don't need to print a note but when I do, I'd like things like heading and page number.

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Boo... Hiss...  I didn't like the way the heading was printed previously (font size was too big and no way to control the size) but at least it was there.  The header is pretty useless to me.  I'm not implying that it is useless per se – maybe a lot of others find it valuable.  I'm just saying that printing the header is not a substitute for printing the heading or subject line (or whatever Evernote calls it).

Bad move Evernote...

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5 minutes ago, DrStir said:

And now the option to print the heading on a note has vanished (Sept 2016)!

I can print headers, but it no longer includes the note title.

Has it gone for good? It seems a little odd!



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