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(Archived) simple spreadsheet soon?

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Quite often in my work I want to informally "run the numbers." In the past, I cluttered up my hard drive with numerous quick and dirty spreadsheets that rarely used more than sum rows or columns and occasionally a percentage formula.

If evernote is going to really work for me, I need to be able to work on those spreadsheets from within the evernote application. I'll be happy with any solution:

1. A live frame within the note that is a window to a google or other cloud based spreadsheet where the cost is not unreasonable

2. A native spreadsheet that initially does only the very basic operations and after that periodically adds new features.

3. Some other workaround that's not too cumbersome to use on a regular basis.


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Doubtful that Evernote will included a spreadsheet as part of its basic functionality any time soon -- you never know, of course, but I wouldn't make any planning decisions based on it being there. The tried and true way is to attach a spreadsheet, and activate it in whatever OS your client is running in.

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A simple spreadsheet that would work within all of the different OS's that Evernote supports might be a rather big project - as would adding functionality and keeping up with the various OS versions as they evolve. By leaving users to connect to any local software through a link in a note, EN neatly sidestep the issue and give us the choice of as simple or as complicated a menu of operations as we need for any given case.

I've posted before about preferring as uncluttered an environment as possible. I think Evernote's policy of not competing with existing specialist apps is still very valid - and I use Excel on my (Windows) desktop and Kingsoft Office on my Android which both read and write XLS files so my data follows me around.

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