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(Archived) How to generate a report from notes

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Does anyone have any tricks or recommendations on making a report from the notes taken in Evernote?

I work in the construction industry and often take multiple photos each with notes and sometimes annotated with Skitch. I am looking for a quick professional way to make a report out of 100 notes each with a separate picture or pictures.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Hi - welcome to the Forums.

Evernote doesn't have any editing tools beyond basic font styling, so 'quick' may be possible; 'professional' may depend on your definition. It's possible to print selected notes, so depending on the abilities of your PDF editing software (and whether you have any other apps that can import from PDF), you could consider printing your notes to PDF. If created date order isn't that in which you wish to see pages in your report, re-title the notes with 001, 002 etc headings and sort by title. By then editing the PDF or importing it into something like Publisher, you should be able to add some report-level bells and whistles like page numbers.

Option B would be to set up a cover page and an index plus any other additional report pages you might need in new notes, then export all the notes to HTML pages.

You should be able to find word-processing or DTP software that will import HTML and allow you again to add headings and page numbers.

Essentially, the best Evernote can do for you is to assemble all this material in the correct order and with the necessary page content. Any subsequent manipulation to get to a report layout is going to be down to you and your locally available software and skills.

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