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(Archived) Can you clip a screenshot as a link?


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I can figure out how to paste a web address to a note so it's live and how to clip a screenshot to a note.

What I'd like to do is clip both at the same time to the same note, or clip the screenshot so that if I click on it the website will open. Can I do either of those?

I'm using OSX 10.7.4 Lion and Safari.

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Just wanted to chime in and say that this feature is the only reason I use GimmeBar (and previously Pinterest) instead of Evernote. As a web designer, I do a lot of visual research. Having a link auto-generated from a screenshot would be huge for me. I hope you guys roll this out soon!


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Have to agree with Justin.

As a photojournalist I also do a lot of visual research: indeed, at the moment I am doing a lot for a 2 month trip to Vietnam and Cambodia next year, collecting websites of interest, videos from You Tube of locations, maps, images and so on.

At present in order for that to be useful I have to create the screenshot note and then copy and paste the address. Not hard but a PITA and laborious when 10 minutes of coding from the geniuses at EN would make it happen as a single action!

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