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(Archived) Skitch post Evernote

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Wow Skitch 2.0 Mac is a big step backwards! What were you guys thinking? You removed many of the features I got it for and the ones implemented don't work. I can no longer save directly to my web site or blog. Resize a capture then copy and paste into a mail doesn't copy the resized (yes, I applied the resize). I have a retina MBP.

At this point I literally have no reason to use Skitch. I have to copy into Photoshop to do the resize so why use Skitch to do the capture?

So sad because it was a great product. Weird to see such self destruction. Companies like Evernote try to force their users into patterns that benefit them while destroying their old user base. Good luck with that and bye bye.

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I'm so disappointed! I went away for a few weeks, only to come back and find one of the most useful capture apps decimated! What on earth were you thinking?

Please bring back Skitch's usefulness. No menu icon. No preferences. No longer useful.

Sorry, but it's off my radar now and I'll be switching to something else or reverting to an earlier version if I can find one.

Please, next time, think before you tweak!

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Yes one can run a previous version, but I'm no longer getting a skitch-hosted hidden URL (which auto-copies to clipboard for easy pasting).

Can anyone else confirm whether, on an earlier version, you are still able today ( Oct 23, 2012 ) to still upload to Skitch servers and get that nice old direct image URL?

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