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(Archived) Including links to files in notes without uploading them.

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How do I include links to files in notes without uploading the file?

In a note I wish to keep track of files on my computer that are relevant to the note. I do however not wish to upload the files, keep them locally.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


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Better late than never..........

Select some text in your evernote note that you want to hold the link - eg OLAF FILE

press ⌘K - a window will pop up with a space for the URL

drag your file into the window

(the tricky bit) type file:// at the beginning of the dragged URL so the URL should look like file:///Users/..... etc etc

and you now have a clickable link to the file. If you use the same user name on another computer and the file is in dropbox the link should work there as well.

(Just realised - you are talking about a Mac aren't you?)

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@patnpm - thank you! I had to revisit this issue and are using your suggestion, also it is not what I would consider state-of-the-art for project management. I checked also other discussions on handling Office documents in Evernote and this appears to be a real weak point.


I am using Evernote to collect notes and ideas but in order to consider it a serious project management tool, it would need an option to handle documents in other places (Dropbox, Google Drive, or some server) and allows collaborative editing of files, whether Word files or Google Docs.


Tools like Wrike and Basecamp offer this but are more costly, too costly for the management of an academic group. Basecamp's "one-page project" (https://basecamp.com/one-page-project) is simple and yet effective. It would be fantastic if something like this can be done in Evernote. It would make Evernote (Business) very attractive for management of collaborative projects.



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