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(Archived) Highlighting for Evernote please!

Marcus Tan


We have highlighting enabled only in Clearly and when they are clipped into Evernote, we find that there is no way to edit or make additional highlighting.

Highlighting is great for note taking, especially notes with large amount of text.

Why this still isn't a feature in Evernote is beyond me. =(

- Your faithful Evernote premium user.

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I strongly second this.

I actually need this so bad that I do it the ridiculously hard way -- open up the Mac font palette, click on background color button which opens up the color selection palette, then keep both of them open while I read or edit a note. There's a bug in the editor that forces me to keep the font palette open because the color palette sometimes resets to affecting the foreground color. I have to undo each time this happens, click background color again, and then choose a tiny "favorited" square at the bottom of my standard highlight color. I have been using the highlight feature in Clearly and totally love it. The problem with Clearly is that I can't see my highlights again if I close the tab and come back to the page later. If I want to read, say, the first half of a long article, I could highlight as I read, save it to my Evernote account, then continue reading and highlighting there.

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I would like to add my voice to this request.

In fact, having more word processor like features would make our lifes easier. Just being able to select multiple text area (or pictures, cells in a table, whatever...) to apply a style would definitively make a huge improvment in the way I'm using Evernote each day.

Lastly, do not forget to improve tables. Getting basic operation on cells (additions, substractions...) would be a nice to have.

With so many open-source programs already used by Evernote, I cannot imagine why it would not be possible to add those features involving a huge development cycle.

Keep on your good work,


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I have so many workarounds it is getting frustrating.

Clearly is nice, but as the above poster commented -- One has to completely finish reading the article, becasue once the window is closed you've lost the ability to continue highlighting where you left off.

AND - clearly is not available for the Kindle Fire... which is where I do a lot of reading.

On the MAC I use Diigo, which I can start and stop highlighting, but then again, I can't clip to Evernote until I'm done or I'm in the same situation.

The lack of a highlighter is the huge obstacle for me for a paperless world. I simply can not read for "information" without highlighting.

A dedicated Premium customer!

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