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(Archived) Beta 5.4 still won't install in FF even after upgrade to v16.0


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I've been trying to install the beta of Clipper 5.4 as recommended since the "real" version won't work.

But the beta isn't working either.

Here's what I did on my MacBook w/OS 10.6.8:

1. If you double-click the "download the beta version" you get 2 download windows. Just single click.

2. They don't say it, but you need to delete any previous version of Clipper (like maybe, the one that doesn't work) and then restart Firefox.

3. Click on the downloaded version (in Downloads) to open it. In my case, I had to indicate i wanted it opened by FF.

4. Then it asks if you want to restart FF. Yep

5. The Clipper icon appears up on the Navigation Toolbar next to the Home icon.

6. I click on it, a window opens and I sign in, and I click Sign In.

7. The window shakes, it then shrinks and goes blank.

8. And that's it!

I even upgraded my FF to v16.0 but it still does the same thing.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or comments?


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