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Has anybody tried "Any To Do" app for ipad/iphone -


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I was wondering if anyone had looked at anytodo - the app for ipad and iphone.

What I like about it is that it very simply works by using evernote's folders and tags to organize your tasks. It seems to focus on working with evernote - so you can get your tasks either in your evernote app or in the anytodo app.

Has anyone tried this one?

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I haven't tried "Any To Do". I have been using "2Do" app for some time and I really like it.

You say "Any To Do" works with Evernote? Interesting. I'm new to Evernote and just beginning to explore it's capabilities. I really like it, mainly because I can access it from either my Windows PC or my iPhone. If I could access my To Do list from either platform, I might consolidate my list down to one.

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

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I have recently been using Any To Do with EN and it appears to work well. It is a different way of looking at your todo list with regard to priority, but much simpler. I have yet to find out the significance of the Any To Do notebook that is created - assuming that it was for a view of everything (but isn't).

Although there is a reminder that you can set, I have also used EventNoted to allow me to specify a date/time in the subject and puts it straight into my calendar.

ATD would benefit from showing the notebook stacks as nested lists, otherwise it does the job with little effort.

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No you can also check out www.SmartGTD.com app which replaced the first task manager EverDo.it for iPad users. 


SmartGTD is also based on the Getting Things Done methodology and is fully compatible with Evernote.  But we are preparing other cool stuff, co let's keep in touch,


Best Regards


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Hi Anna,

I tried AnyToDo for a little while. I liked the usage of the Time Management Matrix approach. I found that the app worked ok natively and yes it synced with Evernote but I found the user experience clunky, particularly the way they used tags in Evernote. Two way synching just didn't do it for me.

I've stopped using it since I worked out how best to use Evernote's reminders. I built the Time Management Matrix approach into Evernote myself. I wrote a blog post about it at http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40049-amping-up-your-action-list-with-evernote/

Feel free to have a read. It's working nicely for me.


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