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(Archived) Sync failure: unexpected transfer error

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I keep getting this error message during sync.

Titled as I wrote in the Topic Title:


"Synchronization failed because of an unexpected data transfer error with the Evernote servers. If the problem persists, please contact Evernote technical support."

I have contacted support but no response as yet.

I looked at my log and there are two things that Evernote keeps trying to upload but fails. How can I delete these from the upload Q?

Thanks so much.

Here is the detail from my log:

".............2012-10-08 11:06:22 main [ENSyncEngine] ERROR: Could not create note 'Cleveland pursues hydrogen fuel for public transportation' [317ca94e-ef1e-4c3a-86de-53d0899d7dbf]. Notebook GUID [b5b0c15c-8abd-402d-a95c-281f85a08168] does not exist.

2012-10-08 11:06:22 sync [ENSyncEngine] ERROR: failed to add note with guid: 317ca94e-ef1e-4c3a-86de-53d0899d7dbf

2012-10-08 11:06:22 sync [ENSyncEngine] DEBUG: FAIL

2012-10-08 11:06:22 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Sync complete."




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Ok. This is weird. I started getting a sync error yesterday as well. When I checked the logs, I had a very similar entry that could not sync. The title is:

"GM moving hydrogen R&D center to Pontiac, bringing 220 jobs | Auto news | Detroit Free Press | freep.com"

I cannot find this note ANYWHERE in my Evernote library. I have searched for various keywords in that title without success. I don't ever remember seeing/reading the article. I'm going to try and remove my shared notebooks as mrgoerend suggests and see if that helps.

I just thought it was weird that your failed file and mine had some similarities.

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mrgoerend is a genius! I had 2 shared notebooks (Ron's Evernote Tips & Evernote for Dummies). I removed them, synced, and the problem disappeared.

Thanks for the suggestion! I would have never thought of that as the issue.

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I do not share any notebooks and came across this problem. Upon checking the activity log (Help > Activity Log), found a note that seemed to be causing the problem. Got it backed up (copy/pasted to another text editor) and simply deleted the notes from all applicable notebooks and Trash. 


Primitive it may be, but problem solved. Voila. 

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