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(Archived) How can I relogin(change account) with OAuth? (Android)

Hemant G

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I am using Evernote-Android-OAuth-SDK in our native android application. We have provided "Login as Another User" option in our app.

But I am wondering if user wants to change his account to another one, how should he do?

I know the SDK provides the logout function. But when the user try to relogin using the another account after logging out, the web form is still holding the old account and it only shows the permission form to ask the user whether give approval or not. At this time, it seems that the user has no chance to change his account(The only option I found was to manually clear cookies in the browser). There is no "Logout" or "Sign in as another user" button on authorization page. How should I lead the user in this case?

Similar question was posted at below link for iOS.

(I am not able to see any 'Logout' button on authorization page. There are only two options "Approve" and "Decline". When the user clicks on Decline, user is navigated back to the application.)


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