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(Archived) Where's Evernote folder on Mac?



Evernote is working wonderfully... but currently having a bit of a panic about my backups .... as I just went to check my backups on Crashplan and was a little concerned when my Evernote backup had a big red 'missing' next to it!!!.

When I looked for my Evernote folder - I thought it was in Library/Application Support etc I couldn't find it... in fact I couldn't find it anywhere. Evernote is definitely working - but where's the data ?? Has it moved ????

Would appreciate any help so I can check my Evernote backups are working and relax again :-)

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If you are using the App Store version of Evernote then the location has changed to meet sandboxing requirements and your data will be here -~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote

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Wonderful quick answer Metrodon thanks !! :-)

Yes I downloaded from App Store originally... and this changed around 21 September so I assume there was an automatic upgrade - I'm on 3.3.1.

I can't find that file on my Mac but its in my Crashplan backup listings so all should be OK - is it a hidden file on Mac or something ???

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Apple hide the library now, have a Google around and there is a terminal command to display it or hold own alt as you press the go menu in Finder.

These kind of shenanigans on Apple's part these days have me riled up! But, at least there is a way to find it still. When you do find it, I recommend dragging it into your sidebar. It comes in handy.

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