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(Archived) Web Clipper in FF 15.01 Keeps Asking Me to Sign In


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This used to work fine. not sure what changed. But now everytime I click on the web clipper, it asks me to sign in. Even if Evernote is already open. So I sign in. It loads and then disappears. I click on it again and it asks for me to sign in again. So i can't send anything to my Evernote. Can you help? I tried reinstalling and doublechecked "send to web" in preferences. Should work, but isn't.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Matt, welcome to the forum :)

Have you changed some of the cookie settings?

When sending to the Web, and logging into Evernote, it requires the ability to set a third party cookie to store the login.

If you don't allow this in your browser, then you see the constant login requests.

If this is the reason, I would recommend adding an exception for Evernote, rather than enabling third party cookies outright.




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I'm sorry, it appears as though I messed up the link, and posted the wrong one. I have changed it now to the right note, so you can see the options in Firefox.

Okay thanks. What address do I type in for the exception to work?

You just put Evernote.com in the exceptions box.

I do have cookies enabled (until Firefox closes). So I'm not sure that this is the reason.

Can you show me a screenshot of the settings page with the exceptions as well?


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My system just prompted me to install the latest update, and now web clipper does not recognize me and doesn''t seem to know or accept my uname or pw.

I am running Win 7 sp1 and Firefox 18.

Web Clipper works fine when called from the icon in the toolbar, but if I choose web clipper from the FF tools menu, it asks me to sign in and that is where the problem happens.

Please help

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