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(Archived) my evernote not sincing properly

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i have 8 notes that i share between office pc, ipad and ipone . 7 of the notes update ok however there is often 'conflick modifications'. 1 of the notes however that i update on my pc does not go to the ipad or iphone and it is the main note i use . Does anyone know why this would be?


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Hi, welcome to the forums. You say the problem is mainly about something -

and it is the main note i use

Which suggests you're changing it very frequently - if you also tried to change it from the ipad or iphone before all the changes had been synced with the server, you'd get a new notebook tucked away somewhere called 'conflicting changes' - these are the versions of notes that couldn't be merged with the version Evernote keeps on its servers, because the note had already been changed and synced from another client. Make a point of syncing your notebooks both before you make any changes and afterwards too. That ensures the version you've just changed is fully uploaded to the server.

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