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(Archived) Hiding Skitch results in crapping snapping

Evan G

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I use Skitch all the time, and I'm also a fan of keyboard shortcuts. So when I'm done using Skitch, I hit CMD + H to hide Skitch. This used to work fine. However, with 2.0, when I hide Skitch and then hit CMD + SHIFT + 5 to snap a screenshot, Skitch becomes unhidden right in the middle of where I'm trying to take a screenshot. I have to stop, hit escape, then minimize Skitch again to take the screenshot.

Can this be fixed? Is this something else I should be doing? I guess I could be hitting CMD + M instead, but hiding is so much faster (you don't get that distracting animation). I end up with a lot of screenshots looking like the attached image.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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