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(Archived) Share Evernote Via Mobile


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I am a newbie to EN so please be nice. I want to share my notebook with my wife. I went into my settings and did a share based on her email she used to signup to her account. xxxx@gmail.com. Gmail sends the email, with a panel to click on to "Open Shared Notebook" However each time we click on the link we get a message, it states:To view this shared notebook you need to....

1. Install Evernote for android

2. Sign up or Sign in

3. Go back to your email and click the invitation link again.

What am I doing wrong? I have Evernote instated, I am logged in (I can see my notes) yet I still have the issue? I even have my wife logged in on her phone too.

My mobile device is a HTC Rezound running ICS.

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I am having the same issue.  The only way I can access a shared notebook invitation is to go to the email through a PC browser. Once I have joined the notebook on the PC, it will sync with the rest of my devices.


Did you ever find a fix?


I wonder why this isn't a feature on the mobile versions of Evernote.



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