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(Archived) Firefox evernote addon no longer works offline ?


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I used to clip websites using the firefox addon then save them to my Offline folder. That way I can attach heavy items like mp3 mp4 to my offline notes folder without using up monthly bandwidth.

Today, the same firefox addon asked me to log in , it has never done so before ?

What is the big idea ?

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No , that is not true , I used Firefox web clipper for long, the clipper used to clip the webpage offline, then send to local app offline. It then waited till sync period and depends on whether the folder is online or offine then the notes would be pushed to the server or not .

It is the new version of firefox clipper ( the one with smart filling ) that changes all. Note previous version did not do this.

Any words from the product makers ?

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I figured it out, for some reasons, my settings were reset. Actually, you can force clipper to send notes to local client by clicking in one of the options in firefox plugin. That way it wont send directly to web account.

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