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(Archived) Me Too! Back to Skitch v1


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I was very excited by the possibilities of Skitch 2. But honestly after using it, not so much.

  • I cannot save my screenshots as PDFs anymore. Bad.
  • The tools are okay, but I can no longer format the text. Bad.
  • Unable to rename or otherwise edit once it is in Evernote. Bad
  • Must have icon in the Dock - I do not like that at all.

There may be other issues, but these are no starters for me. I have gone back to previous version. All is well again.

Try again?

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I love Evernote. I love Skitch. But not together. I want old skitch features back. Capturing screen shots today with Evernote is clunky. I need to be able to post just the screen shot in my documentation. I've been doing that for years, for free. I'll pay to get that functionality back. Might as well use JING if I'm stuck with pasting urls into all my documentation.

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Adding to your list-

When I print, my markups (text, arrows, boxes, etc.) are not printed. Just the original screen capture.

Again, when I print, the page is cut off, I don't get the entire page to print.

Doing the resize, using the slider, I can't get to 640 pixels across - should be able to type that in

Not having access to fonts and font sizes is my biggest gripe.

Took me some time to figure out how to name a particular screen capture - like the old way better (Replacing the Drag Me text).

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add me to this list... everythhing about the new skitch is unintuitive and intrusive. The old version just worked seamlessly with everything and was a pleasure to use. v2? Is awful. I'm currently downgrading to v1. Please hop over this glitch and return us to the old version. Please.

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This is extra clicks, so annoying if you have to use it often (like I do)...but with Skitch 1.0.12:

  1. Capture, resize, and annotate an image to your heart's content.
  2. Click "Share" in the bottom-right corner (just like old times).
  3. Click "History" in the upper-right corner.
  4. Click the image you desire to share (it'll be in the upper-left corner).
  5. Now click the "Copy Link" button in the botton-right.
  6. You've now just accomplished what you use to be able to accomplish in just 2 clicks.

This is obviously not a quick way to do it. And you'll have to still host your images via Evernote. But it's much, much better than 2.0.

Skitch devs, can you please just give the "Click to Copy" button back its original functionality?

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