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(Archived) Hitting your hand on the screen while drawing and writing


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When drawing or writing on a tablet "screen rejection" with your hand is a problem. You have to lift your hand like using a paint brush.

There is a simple answer, the GlydeWrite Cleaning Shield. It is dual purpose being an ultra microfiber screen cleaner and tablet drawing shield.

Once you use it you won't put it down.

Check it out at: http://GlydeWrite.com

This is new stuff, just got the patent.


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Most of the other note-taking and handwriting apps have a palm protector (software, not hardware) that can be slid up to wherever it is needed, and moved down as you progress down the page.


Penultimate doesn't have that, but it is supposed to recognize that the point of contact of your stylus (or finger) is ABOVE your palm edge/heel.


However, it doesn't work too well for me, and the handwriting keeps getting corrupted by the edge of my palm - and yes, I do have the palm position set correctly.


The other problem is that if I'm resting my palm edge on the screen while I'm writing, and as I progress to the right end of the line, the whole page than tries to move to the right, thinking that my moving palm edge is actually trying to move the "paper".  I've been having a play with PU (previous version) on my wife's iPad, as I've switched to Notability until PU goes back to allowing selective sync or no sync, and the ability to select the target notebook.  And my previous-version .IPA file was trashed, so I couldn't backgrade my iPad.  But my wife still has the older version on hers.


Is there a way to avoid that problem, whereby the app thinks I'm trying to move the page to the right as my hand moves to the right while I'm scribbling along the line?  Have I missed a setting somewhere?  Or do others have the same problem?

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I went nuts over the weekend and bought/dl'd several notekeeping apps. Noteshelf uses the slide up protector and it works like UPAD. Notes Plus might have it, but it's so option-laden, I'll never find it. The rest were pretty much ignorable.


Honestly, it seems like Penultimate is more of a drawing app than a notekeeping app. I'm just not finding it all that useful without the slide-up protector/writing area.

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Notability has the palm rest too - bottom right of the screen in plain view.  And it works pretty well.  So does Notify where it's slap bang in the middle.  In Notes Plus that you mention, it's right there at the bottom left of screen, which for a right-handed writer like me, is actually the easiest place to control it and move it down as writing progresses. 


The attempt by Penultimate to use no on-screen palm protection is laudable - but it doesn't work very well.


In the past, I've simply used a piece of paper placed over the screen - but then I ended up scribbling my notes on the paper as it was easier!


So that's another feature request for Penultimate: instead of having to turn off Multitouch Gestures (which is a pain if you use them for other things) in order for the "palm protection" to work, how about a slide-up palm protection area like those other apps mentioned above?  And have the "handle" as an option for being placed at the right or left side, so that the user can adjust it for whichever hand they use to write with?  As mentioned, I'm right-handed, so find that having the palm protector handle at the left end as in Notes Plus works best for me.  But a left hander may find it better on the right.


Just a thought....  but the current palm protection really doesn't work.

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