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Business Paperless but I need to annotate.


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I really need help. I need a tool that will let us take a note (from Evernote) put annotations on it (pricing on a service ticket) and then save it back to Evernote without creating a duplicate note. I thought PDFpen might accomplish this but I don't see how I don't end up with a duplicate note. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Maybe I am not following you, but I just did a test and was able to do exactly what I think you are wanting to do. I have a PDF file in Evernote with fields in the document. From Evernote, I double click on the note in the view pane and the PDF opens up in my PDF editing program - PDF Nitro in this case. I make the changes I want and click on "Save" and the note is saved back into Evernote with the changes in the original note. No new note was created.

Using Windows - although I don't see where that would make a difference in this case.

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