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(Archived) Recommended changes for the new Skitch from an old fan of the old Skitch


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It would be great to turn off the auto-ask for an Evernote login at start up.

Same for the everytime middle-of-the-app, white-on-black prompt to screen snap or open a program.

Also, where did the previous crop/resize edges go? That was so intuitive.

Having a preference to add/remove these would be great. Currently the preferences pane looks bare.

Thank you! Love the work you're doing. Miss some of the old stuff enough to take time here and let you know.

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Change arrow sizes (ohh I see it is hidden inside the color button?? why??, and there are only 3 sizes now?)

Quick Color select Menu

Escape to deselect tools

Delete key next to fn and end should delete things, not just the one above return.

Why would I want a stupid pixelate filter?

Seriously, what were you thinking, making the interface way more confusing AND less powerful at the same time?

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Agreed with the above. The new skitch is much worse than the old one. A few gripes:

• The ability to drag the canvas to add whitespace was invaluable and now it appears to be gone entirely.

• The load view was much more intuitive and streamlined before- now I have to go into the dropdown to snap.

• Size located in the color section? How was that possibly justified?

• The ability to drag out at a different size seems to be gone entirely.

Disappointing. As far as my workflow is concerned, you're opening the door to competitors unless some of the old features are restored.

**edit. Just found a few more threads and wow you guys are getting crushed for these mistakes haha. Anyways, I just installed the old version and it's all good.

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Has anyone tried to go back to the old skitch, without downgrading the OS aswell?

Is this possible??

They clearly released this stuff FAR to early.

They have done so much other good work that I stay around - for a while...

Waiting a serious situation report from a Skitch Team Member...

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Has anyone tried to go back to the old skitch, without downgrading the OS aswell?

Is this possible??

Yeah this works fine. I found a download link in some other post on the forum and I'm running the older Skitch right now. I'll keep using the old version for now.

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I too dislike many of the "features" of Skitch 2.

Less intuitive.

I know they want to make $$, but too much pushing Evernote while using Skitch.

I'll be searching for the version 1 app to go back to. Maybe when ver 2 is ready for prime time. So disappointing since Evernote and Skitch 1 are both good programs.

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