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(Archived) General feedback from a new user

Johnny Mnemonic


I am loving Evernote so far! I have three devices, and I really enjoy being able to keep my captured thoughts and todos in sync across all of them.

Some random feedback:

-I wish I could set it to auto hide. I only want it visible when I have something to put down; I'd like to have it out of my way the rest of the time (and then re-enable on app or menubar icon or hotkey).

-I like the checkbox list feature, but I'd like to have the comment struck through when the box is checked. This is common checkbox behaviour, and it makes it easier to see what has already been completed.

-I'd prefer if notes could be set to open to editing feature on open. Also, if I could make list mode my default.

-I love the integration with my email client of choice: Postbox. However, I wish I could select a thread instead of just an individual email; also I wish that it was just a pointer to the email or thread, instead of a cut and paste. I want to be able to have a reference to that email surrounded by note commentary, basically.

I think it's super clever that Evernote knows which meeting I'm in and titles new notes based on the meeting; smart!

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