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(Archived) Is there an issue tracker?

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Hi - if your issue was opened more than 14 days ago and you haven't had an update in that time, it's probably closed. If you publish your ticket here I'm sure a friendly neighborhood herd member will have a look at it for you - or you could just raise a new one and put that number in here.

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Thanks for the quick answers. Very vivid forum apparently :)

Sure, I could mail 'em and ask, but this would require manual intervention on their side. Since I'm living in CET, there's always a big lag.

Anyway, there's no tracker - got that ;-)



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If it's a feature or bug you could always report it in the forum and follow up with it that way. Like all of the above said, if it's a specific ticket you can recall, paste in the number and we can hunt it down for you and see where it stood.

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