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(Archived) Point Evernote to existing database

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My Evernote database is located on an external hard drive. I have installed Evernote on a new computer and I want this new installation to read my existing database on the external hard drive. However, when I go to Tools -> General tab -> change to change the database location, I am presented with a warning that I will override my existing data. I obviously don't want to do this!

After reading a few fourm topics, I created a new folder on the external hd and pointed Evernote to this new folder. I then copied my existing database into this new folder. However, Evernote doesn't seem to recognize the data and tries to sync the whole database from the web. This wouldn't be a problem except that my database is over 2GB and I have a very slow Internet connection.

So how do I go about pointing new installation of Evernote to the location of an existing database?


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Hi and welcome to the forums !

1. In EN go to Tools > Option > Open database folder and minimize the folder

2. In EN go to File > Exit.

3. Now open the minimized database folder and paste/replace the backup files.

4. Disable internet and Open EN

5. Check if your notes are there and then sync.

Hope this helps.


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