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(Archived) Thanks for the update to Skitch 2, but need more


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Thank you for listening and updating a few things in Skitch 2. In the Evernote blog you said there are more updates coming. Thank the good Lord. I want to voice a few of the necessary additions I'm sure every user of version 1 will desire:

  • Text Align
  • Font choice
  • Menu bar access. Will not matter to new users. It's like moving my house without asking me. I've always lived here and now someone moved me there. I don't want to live there.
  • Duplicate items - hold option (mac) and drag. Copy and paste works, but would rather just option drag instead of the extra work.

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Have been distraught for the last couple of days since I "accidentally" upgraded. Had no idea of the wholesale changes made. I hope that at the end of this change period we end up with a better product overall. I am glad to see how responsive Evernote is in making things right with those of us who are long term users. I too paid the $20 prior to Evernote taking over the software as Skitch had been such a useful tool for me I felt obligated to pay for it.

As of right now not being able to scale the size of the arrows is a real pain. Also I don't feel that all screen captures should be sent to my Evernote account automatically. Can you shut this off without having to log out?

Most of the other gripes listed here on this forum and on the ratings are on my list as well. Thanks for the effort to make the corrections quickly.

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How am I going to be able to create my internet memes without access to Impact or Arial fonts in Skitch?!?

  • seriously, though - my imported sketch files (skitches?) look all messed up — the original layouts/fonts need to be respected from the 1.x version!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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