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Is it possible to assign tags to particular lines within note?

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I am wondering if it is currently possible to assign a tag to a particular line or note.

Is it possible to use text to input a tag like a hash tag or does the tag have to be assigned from the presaved set of tags?

If it were possible to assign a tag to a particular line in a note I would find that quite handy.

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It is not possible to assign a tag to a line in a note. You can only assign tags to a note itself.

You can create your own tags; they're just names, meaningful to you. Evernote has no predefined tag names.

Tags are external to, and separate from notes. You can only assign a tag to a note (or remove them).

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If I want to find something in a large note, I throw in a keyword below the line.

And to narrow the number of search results, I add a prefix to the keyword (7777).

Let's say I want to find an important quote inside a lengthy biography.

It would look like:

"The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would hire them away."


Searching for 7777quote, brings up the quote immediately. I only do this for a few keywords.

If it was important to me, I would develop an index of keywords and save them in a note.

But I find the Evernote search engine powerful enough to find the stuff I want to find.

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You can use an underscore as a prefix to define your own "tags" for use within note content itself. These are just text to Evernote, but you can use them along with the per-note tags to get much of what you'd normally want.  For example:

  • _project_x
  • _project_y
  • _incomplete
  • _todo

The basic philosophy within Evernote appears to be that a note is the finest granularity at which a tag can be applied. So another approach would be to break up the information into smaller pieces (multiple smaller notes) and then apply tags to the smaller pieces of information. (Tagging within the body of a note is a feature that Onenote supports. But it seems to be incapable of searching/filtering on combinations of tags which is a very powerful feature.)

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