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(Archived) Upload Limit and number of days

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Hello Evernote Users n Lovers,

I create a account in Evernote, It seems Good than others as skydrive,GoogleDrive etc.

I got 60 MB free space, which "Monthly Upload Allowance used" and still It suggest me "23 Days Left in Cycle" What does It mean? Did I will lose all my notes after 23 days or What Will happened my Spaces(?60MB) after 23 days, It will again starts from 0 MB or ?................I have dilemma using this Software so Plz Anybody Suggest me.

Thank You

Thakur Psd Lamsal


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Hi and welcome to the forums !

Don't worry about your upload limit. You have 60 MB in one month. Your notes are safely stored on EN servers (if you have synced). Depending how much you are uploading, your limit will shrink over 30 days.

After 30 days your upload limit will be 60 MB again.


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Namaste! :P :P

I am sorry for duplication of my queries about Evernote.

Here is Internet is slow so Sometime our posting will be duplicate, You Locked previous post,That is great . I try to delete it permanently but It doesn’t give me permission So I request Plz delete my previous duplicate Post.

I have never seen such online platform even though I used Google Drive, Skydrive, Dropbox etc But This is amazing useful tools for computer concerned professionals. This will be effectively used when We have meet our local professionals and their Notes to watch ,How I can this solve around Nepal.

I am much interested to market it within Nepal effectively and efficiently around our talented professionals who can post their useful note of EV .

Anyways In our Country we haven’t more habit using Syn. Sofware.I hope We will build small community for this in Near Future.

Thank You.

Thakur Psd. Lamsal


Kathmandu,Nepal :) :)

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