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(Archived) Skitch 2.0 and network traffic.


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I'm tracking my application traffic using little snitch, I've emptied the skitch images directory, and cleared all the notes in evernote, now; now, what the hell is skitch continuously doing with my network connection always busy in upload? I've caught it trying to upload a document from my Documents directory, not the skitch one or evernote one, but DOCUMENTS...

I'm sorry but to me, skitch is dead, will uninstall it together with evernote...

Don't want anything that does strange thing on my MAC, it's a MAC not a WINDOWS PC...


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  • Evernote Staff

Skitch would not be doing any of this--can you provide a little bit more background information? It's not going to upload documents to your document directory.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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