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(Archived) Please add "Send PDF to Skitch" in OS X print menu


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Please add the ability to send a PDF to Skitch from the OS X print menu. This feature would be unbelievably useful, and I'd hate to have to move to another tool. When I file bug reports at my company, I want to be able to attach a PDF with Skitch-quality annotations on it. Why PDF? Because the end user can then select and copy text from it to reproduce the bug. Why Skitch? Because it has the perfect "pass-through" workflow. Every other app requires me to save a copy somewhere and adds lots of unnecessary steps. For the record, the "Snap Safari" feature doesn't meet this need because I'm trying to capture pages behind a secure login. (In addition, it seems to capture at a weird resolution, but that may just be a mistake on my part.)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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