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(Archived) Take Notes and Watch Video Simultaneously


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Two devices? I do this using an itouch to listen to podcasts and a Galaxy Tab to take notes in Evernote.

I'm trying to figure out how you could take notes and watch the video on the same screen. With a tablet, I could see the possibility to split the screen, but I think you'd need a seperate app for that.

In Android, there's a quick thing you can do where you can long press the home symbol and then see all recently open apps. You could certainly, pause your video and hop over to Evernote where a note is already open and ready to go.

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Samsung has hacked multi-window support into Android:

But currently this is only a single-device solution which works only with the Galaxy Note 2 and I can't tell you if Evernote is compatible with it.

Btw: Evernote should add something like a free floating mode for Android tablets. :)

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