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(Archived) Lose Links When Forwarding Emails to EN

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I've set up a rule in mail.app so that whenever mail comes from a certain address it's forwarded to my EN account. The forwarding works perfectly, however, these emails that I forward are full of links. When they arrive in my EN notebook, the email is in plain text and the links are gone.

Is there any way to preserve these or are all EN notes only available in plain text?

Thanks in advance,


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It is very possible to have links in notes, so the problem seems to be in the email somewhere; try sending an email manually and CC it back to yourself. Does the Evernote version still have links? Does yours? It may be that you've set up for outgoing / forwarded mails to be text only, which will kill the links. If links in your test mail don't work in Evernote or in your email client when you get it back, that's the problem. If Evernote doesn't work but your local mail does, it's an Evernote problem - raise a support ticket!

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Thanks for the rapid response, gazumped. I did what you suggested, that is, I sent one of those emails manually to my EN account and CC'd it to me. In both cases they arrived with the links and the formatting intact.

I'm certain that I don't have outgoing/forwarded emails set up to be text only, because I use the rule to send both to EN and another place. The ones to the other place have been arriving there with the formatting and links intact, too.

So it does seem to be and Evernote problem and I will take your advice and raise a support ticket.

Thanks again,


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It looks as though I did find a fix. The rule I had set up in mail.app said to forward the email to EN, and, of course, we know the problem that resulted in. So I took a closer look at my options for actions when creating a rule and I saw that one of them was Redirect. So I changed Forward to Redirect and that made the difference.

It looks as though when you choose to forward an email in mail.app all the links are dead. I experimented a bit and saw that if, for example, I clicked forward on an email that was all html, the version that was going to be forwarded was like an image with none of the links live. I was actually quite surprised at that, something I had never noticed before.

But all is well now, thanks to your explanation and suggestions.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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