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(Archived) Web clipper in Chrome 21 latest stable versions not working


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Hi Ivan,

What OS version are you on? The attachment failed to load so can you describe what happens when you click the toolbar button.

Thanks reply ,My OS version windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 64 bit, Chrome version v22.0.1229.79 m, when I click the toolbar button,Does not show the login option,only display "Web clipper",and Right-click the button option, is not anything


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We've been trying to reproduce this issue but so far we cannot trigger it. A few follow up details that may help us would be:

- What language is your Chrome set to?

- What country are you using Web Clipper from?

Additionally if you have anything in your logs ( accessed from the Web Clipper options page > View Logs ) feel free to send them to me in a PM.

Note: We read all posts in the forum but do not commit to respond within a certain timeframe. Please try filing a support ticket to get one on one help, your premium status will give you a faster response time there.

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