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(Archived) Sharing notebooks - why can't sharers edit on mobile?

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Hi all,

I'm a premium user. I have a couple of notebooks which I share, but it seems the people I share them with (not premium users) cannot edit the enclosed notes etc on anything but the web platform.

They can't use their mobiles, or the EN platform downloaded to the desktop.

Any advice, or is this normal? I upgraded to premium so that we could share/edit notes, but I'm feeling a little bit cheated if they can't edit on anything but the web platform....

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Hi abiscott1, welcome to the forum :)

This isn't normal, no. If you have given them edit permissions, then it should be editable on at least the desktop platforms (I am not sure about the mobile platforms. I think you can, but will have to test that...)

What happens when they try to edit the notes?

Have you tried unsharing and resharing the notebook again, this may just reset the sharing status and let them edit.


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