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(Archived) Feature request: chose notebook and add tags




I really love the new integration between Skitch and EN, but for me it is not logical to store all Skitch-notes to the same notebook, since I do not treat the Skitch-notes otherwise than other notes. I want to keep Skitch-notes together with other notes of the same topic.

I would also love to be able to tag directly from Skitch.

This applies to all platforms of course :)

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Yes, this would really help. Right now it seems very inconsistent:

- I can add tags to skitch notes in Evernote Mac, but not in any version of skitch. I CANNOT add tags to skitch notes via Evernote iOS.

- I can rename documents in sktich on the mac, but not on iOS

- I can change the notebook for a skitch note using either Evernote Mac OR skitch iOS. But I can't change the notebook using evernote iOS. Also, sometimes changing the notebook via skitch iOS doesn't stick.

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I just discovered Skitch (been an EN user for several months now). I immediately wanted to tag, moving things to notebooks and start to share them with co-workers.

+1 for this feature request. (I use a mac and android phone, so yes, all platforms!)

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