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(Archived) Synchronization failed repeated popups


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I'm on a windows 7 machine with the evernote client installed. Once in a while Evernote cannot synchronize, maybe due to some network restrictions at work. Once that happens, evernote starts this annoying popup saying Synchronization failed. If I mouse over it, the next one pops up above it. Unfortunately the windows background programs are in the bottom right, so it is very hard to even exit the evernote app because of the constant pop ups which block access to the taskbar.

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Hi wynn, welcome to the forum :)

This was a bug that was introduced some time around the latest public release. It is listed as being fixed in the next beta version (It is currently at the RC version just after the beta release)

As far as I know, the only (temporary - until the update) solution is to disable Automatic Syncing.

That can be done in Tools -> Sync


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I am using Evernote Business but each time Evernote syncs I get the same error message. As far as I can tell all my work is being synced.

support has a ticket out on this but they seem unable to find the reason for the error message.

Additionally I am unable to access the Admin Console. Each time I try I get the same error message.


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