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(Archived) Request: Let us rotate pdf pages inside the desktop app

Bion Howard


First off...I LOVE EVERNOTE. I use it every.single.day. for medical school work and just general personal stuff.

To business: I recently got a FUJITSU scansnap scanner, and I've noticed that pages sometimes come into evernote upside down.

Could you add a feature to let us quickly rotate these PDF pages right-side-up without exiting evernote? I can certainly do this in another program, but that just slows down the scanning workflow! I'd much rather just scan right into evernote and then flip through pages and rotate them without needing any other software.

Thanks for your work and keep it up, guys!



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ScanSnap has an autorotate feature.

One of the great time saving features of ScanSnap is Auto Rotate, which automatically turns scanned documents to the proper orientation. It’s especially helpful for documents that are scanned upside down or in landscape orientation, since they cannot be recognized properly. Here’s how to use Auto Rotate on your ScanSnap:

Open the ScanSnap Manager settings. Click on the “Scanning” tab, and click on “Option.”


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Sometimes the autorotate is wrong. It is useful to be able to rotate the page. At the moment, I have no idea what the procedure is to fix it.

I can't speak for autorotate, but when you do OCR on a page, it almost always gets the page rotation right. On English-language materials, I cannot remember every having a page rotated incorrectly. Japanese and Chinese? Your mileage may vary, especially (for some reason) on title pages.

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The auto rotate preference in ScanSnap does not work for me therefor this request to be able to rotate individual pages in evernote is extremely important to me too.

I can't even easily rotate pages outside evernote for two reasons.

1. Evernote suggest using Preview "This does not work because Scansnap routinely rotates pages differently within the same .pdf and therefore Preview cannot rotate individual pages independently!, instead insisting on rotating "all the pages" even the ones that were the right way up.

2. Adobe Acrobat, If you open the file in Adobe Acrobat from within Evernote Acrobat does not recognize that the file has changed after you rotate the one page you want to so therefore the save menu is blanked out!!!. Therefor when you go back into Evernote from this route the file is exactly the same as when you left it "Wrong way up"

This is such a basic need it must be fixed.

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I just got a scanner for Evernote and this was immediately annoying.

Give this a try on a Mac:

  1. Right click and open with Preview
  2. In Preview - select the page
  3. Rotate the page accordingly
  4. Save the change

This appears to save it back into Evernote. This will get annoying with large documents.

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(ok fine I want it on the PC not Mac but have the same issue)


Since many of my documents do NOT get rotated correctly (have other languages) I agree this is a crucial need.


At this moment what I do is I use Scansnap into either FIleCenter or PaperPort  -rotate in that program  and save ....   and then move the file into evernote -  that is just so silly .....


and yes I need to be able to rotate individual sheets not just the whole pdf ....


Pdf page Rotation needs to be a top new feature.

I prefer it "at the time of scan i.e. from scansnap to evernote - but if I need to do it in Evernote I guess thats Ok too




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