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(Archived) Request: OCR sheet music notation to MIDI file

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So here I am writing out some music for a friend's game on staff paper. I'm writing down standardized symbols on graph paper, making it (I think) machine readable. After penciling this in, I turn to my computer and write the same thing again in my DAW as a MIDI file, which is basically a digital version of my paper notation. And do you know what I was thinking while doing this?

'This is bulls&%t'

I'm doing the same thing twice because I can't think with a mouse and my computer can't read my handwriting. Until there's decent handwriting recognition on a tablet, and notation software that uses it, I can't write on a computer. However, if some intrepid company could enable me to take a picture of some sheet music and then translate those pitches, time signatures, and key signatures into a MIDI file, that would be the bridge between inspiration and creation that I've sought for years. Even if I have to change the dynamics myself and correct a small number of errors, this could save me a ton of time. It seems that Evernote could do this.

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This is pretty specialized (i.e., non-trivial, limited audience, so probably not worth it for Evernote to implement). I'd suggest looking for some specialized 3rd-party program to do that work for you, and figure out how to integrate it into Evernote. I did a Google search for "ocr sheet music midi" and found a number of hits, including this link: http://www.musitek.com/midiedition.html

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